Kei Tua i te 2020: Te Taupori Māori

Key Facts

<p>When and where is the Māori population expected to grow? This fact sheet presents population projections for Māori, identifying the regions and age groups that are most likely to experience change in the coming decades. </p>

  • The Māori population is expected to grow by 193,000 (or 31 percent) to 818,000 over the next two decades from 2006 to 2026.
  • Greater growth in the Māori population (1.4 percent per annum) will mean Māori comprise a greater proportion of the New Zealand population in 2026 (up from 14.9 percent in 2006 to 16.6 percent).
  • The Māori population is projected to grow in all regions from 2006 to 2021, with the greatest increases in the main centres, and the fastest growth in the South Island.
  • The Māori population is projected to age, but at a slower rate than that of the total population (14.6 year difference in median ages in 2026, up from 12.9 years in 2006).

Table of contents

Beyond 2020: Population Projections for Māori

  1. Key Facts
  2. Population Growth
  3. Regions
  4. Age

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