Strategic priorities and focus areas

Our three strategic priorities and nine focus areas reflect the organisation’s intention to provide more focused effort within a narrower work programme in order to achieve our purpose: Drawing strength from our past to build an Aotearoa New Zealand where whānau can all stand, thrive, and belong

Māori Economic Resilience

The investment made to recover from COVID-19 builds a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive Māori economy.


Working with partner agencies to ensure whānau have access to healthy homes with stable tenure and have opportunities for home ownership and investment.


Influencing partner agencies to maintain labour market attachment and get more Māori into higher skilled jobs.

Māori Enterprise

Champion the growth and opportunities for iwi and Māori business, including leading social procurement reforms.

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Te Ao Māori

The collective and individual rights and interests of Māori as tangata whenua are recognised, protected, supported, and invested in.

Te Whare o Te Reo Mauri Ora & Broadcasting

Supporting the growth of a healthy and vibrant Te Reo Māori me ōna tikanga with a specific focus on modernising the Māori media and broadcasting sector.

Te Pae Tawhiti

Leading the whole of government work between the Crown and Māori to give effect to Ko Aotearoa Tēnei (Wai 262).

Te Taiao

Ensure Māori rights and interests are part of decision making for the environmental issues and natural resources sector.

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Equitable and effective public sector performance for Māori 

Māori have improved outcomes across key areas of government investment.

Whānau-centred Approaches

Grow the influence of whānau-centred policy and the investment in Whānau Ora across government and into our communities.

Māori Public Policy Leadership

Lead policy thinking across the public service of the roles and obligations agencies have to Māori as citizens and as whānau.

Māori Wellbeing Monitoring

Lead the development and monitoring of system indicators for how well public services perform for Māori as both citizens and as whānau.

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