The terms of reference (ToR) were signed in September 2011 by Telecom and Vodafone (RBI providers) and the four other UFB providers (Chorus, UltraFast Fibre Limited, Enable Networks Limited and Northpower).


The ToR set out how Ngā Pū Waea will operate to achieve its objectives. The broad role of Ngā Pū Waea is ‘to assist in ensuring Māori communities can be connected in a timely and efficient manner, and are able to maximise opportunities arising from the deployment of broadband’.

The operative parts of the ToR are set out under 10 sections:

  • role of Ngā Pū Waea;
  • role of RBI and UFB providers;
  • timeframe for activities of Ngā Pū Waea;
  • membership of Ngā Pū Waea;
  • role of the Chair of Ngā Pū Waea;
  • funding for Ngā Pū Waea;
  • work programme;
  • engagement guidelines;
  • administrative support; and
  • relationship management.

Read the full Terms of Reference.


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