Māori Housing Network

Across the motu, whānau, hapū and iwi Māori are planning, funding and implementing successful housing initiatives.

Whānau solutions for whānau housing

Te Puni Kōkiri Māori Housing Network supports individuals, whānau, hapū, iwi and rōpū with information, advice and practical support to improve and develop whānau housing.

When you are ready to discuss what you want to do, get in touch with your local Te Puni Kōkiri office to arrange a meeting with the Māori Housing Network Regional Advisor.

What is the Māori Housing Network?

The Māori Housing Network is here to support individuals, whānau, hapū, iwi and rōpū to achieve their housing aspirations.

The Network -
  • Shares information, and provides practical assistance and advice to whānau and rōpū
  • Manages Government funding for Māori housing projects
  • Works with other agencies on a co-ordinated approach to improve Māori housing.

Our priority areas are:

  • more whānau living in safe, warm and healthy homes
  • building whānau and rōpū knowledge, understanding and activity in housing
  • contributing to papakāinga projects.

How can the Māori Housing Network help me?

The Māori Housing Network can help you with information, to connect you with the right Government agency to help you with your housing needs.

The Network will work with you to develop your ideas and achieve your goals.

Practical advice

We work with you to develop your ideas –

  • for community-led housing repair programmes
  • developing infrastructure for housing on Māori land (roading, water, energy, waste and storm water systems)
  • building papakāinga


We work with you to see if we might be able to fund your plans.


We provide information on –

  • other sources of funding
  • other housing providers
  • potential partners
  • home ownership

Check out how we can help you

Introduction to the Māori Housing Network

This information is an introduction to the Māori Housing Network. The Māori Housing Network supports whānau, hapū and iwi with information, advice, and practical support to improve and develop Māori housing.

Introduction to the Māori Housing Network



A Guide to Māori Housing Support Across Government

This booklet is a guide to Māori housing support available to you, your whānau and community. This guide provides information about services and support available from Te Puni Kōkiri and other government agencies.

A Guide to Māori Housing Support Across Government



A Guide to Papakāinga Housing

This booklet is a guide to whānau papakāinga housing available to you, your whānau and community. This guide sets out the process for developing papakāinga housing in three stages with checklists, tips and advice to progress your papakāinga housing development..

A Guide to Papakāinga Housing


A Guide to Papakainga Housing

How do I apply?

We work alongside individuals, whānau, hapū, iwi and rōpū to help you consider your housing goals, plan your project, develop funding proposals, and provide agreed funding as your project is implemented. We see this as a four stage process.

Stage 1. How can we help you?

Stage 2. Project development

Stage 3. Proposal management

Stage 4. Monitoring and reporting

Maori Housing Network Operating Process [PDF 47KB]

Budget 2018 – Māori housing

$15 million for Māori housing has been set aside as part of Budget 2018. This funding will help more whānau access healthy, affordable, secure homes.

This new funding will be used for community led housing repair programmes to help whānau living in very poor quality housing, and for papakāinga projects building new healthy and affordable rental homes for whānau.

These initiatives will strengthen whānau and communities, not only improving housing but also aiming to provide opportunities to learn skills, build financial capability, and for whānau to contribute to local economies.

The funding is part of the Government’s housing programme which will also focus on providing more public housing and more affordable homes.

What Māori housing funds does Te Puni Kōkiri have?

Budget 18 sets aside an additional $15 million for Māori housing for 2018/19.

Te Puni Kōkiri already manages $19.641 million per annum to support projects that:

  • improve the quality of housing for whānau
  • build capability in the Māori housing sector
  • increase the supply of affordable housing for whānau
  • support Māori emergency housing providers.

Te Puni Kōkiri is also managing $9 million over three years (2017/18 to 2019/20) to trial new models to assist low to median income whānau Māori to move toward home ownership (Te Ara Mauwhare).

How can I apply for funding?

Housing advisers in Te Puni Kōkiri regional offices work with whānau and rōpū to see how best to help. In some cases this may include advice about how to contact other agencies who can help.

Regional advisers will work with whānau and rōpū to develop a proposal. Whānau and rōpū can contact a Te Puni Kōkiri office, for assistance.

Update as at 12 October 2018

In 2018/19 demand across the rohe has far exceeded the amount of funding the Māori Housing Network has available. This has meant the Māori Housing Network cannot fund every proposal that has been submitted, as much as we would like to.

Available funding for 2018/19 is currently fully allocated across all aspects of our mahi: housing repairs, infrastructure, papakāinga development, workshops, and rōpū capability building.

More funding may become available from November 2018. We will accept applications from May 2019 for the 2019/2020 financial year.

The Māori Housing Network is continually looking for partner agencies to support whānau housing aspirations. If we are unable to help you with financial assistance right now, we may be able to help you with information, advice and referrals to other agencies and potential sources of funding.

Our Māori Housing Network Stories

Across the motu whānau, hapū, iwi and rōpū are planning, funding and implementing successful housing initiatives. Learn more about the gains that are made for whānau through the support of the Māori Housing Network.

Ngā Hau e Whā National Marae papakāinga

A new papakāinga development in Christchurch is building communities as much as building houses.

This papakāinga took seven years of planning, delays including the impact of the earthquakes, then 10 months to erect. Now whānau are living among the six three-bedroom homes on the grounds of New Zealand’s only national urban marae, Ngā Hau e Whānau National Marae in Aranui.


Contact Details

Regional advisers will work with whānau and rōpū to develop a proposal. Whānau and rōpū can contact a Te Puni Kōkiri office for assistance.

Māori Housing Network Funding Recipients

Find out which initiatives have received Māori Housing Network funding.

New approvals by Region as at 9 November 2018

The following table outlines the regional distribution of funding for the 278 projects approved by the Māori Housing Network between 3 October 2015 and 9 November 2018. Some projects span multiple financial years. Does not include variations.

Region Total value of projects

% of total

Count of
Te Tai Tokerau $17,333,941.27 25% 33
Tamaki Makaurau $4,322,283.10 6% 15
Waikato-Waiariki $14,142,144.06 20% 83
Ikaroa-Rawhiti $13,743,881.20 20% 50
Te Tai Hauāuru $14,994,312.60 21% 77
Te Waipounamu $4,293,355.50 6% 15
National $1,276,418.00 2% 5
Grand Total $ 70,106,335.73
100% 278

Māori Housing Network Investment – Regional Breakdown

Approvals by Region as at 9 November 2018



Tāmaki Makaurau

Te Tai Hauāuru

Te Tai Tokerau

Te Waipounamu


Māori Housing Network Performance

Projects approved across the motu from October 2015 to 30 June 2018.

Projects approved during 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18, some of which may not be completed until later financial years.

Investment strategy

The Māori Housing Network Investment Strategy for 2015-18, which sets out the approach of the Network and its medium term priorities is available here.

Latest Reports

Impact evaluation of the Māori Housing Network
This report presents the findings of an independent evaluation of the Māori Housing Network, undertaken by Litmus Limited in 2017. It outlines the investment made by the Māori Housing Network in 2015-2017 and discusses the early impacts of that investment.

Read more

Housing policy

Te Puni Kōkiri works with other agencies to ensure that government housing policy contributes to improved housing outcomes for whānau Māori and communities.

The activities and the work of the Māori Housing Network contribute to the Government’s wider housing programme and to He Whare Āhuru He Oranga Tāngata, the Māori Housing Strategy.

More information about the Government’s wider housing programme can be found here: https://www.beehive.govt.nz/

Media Releases

Events and Updates

Latest events and updates for this section are listed below.

  • TE RITO FOUNDATION Consultative Community Hui

    • Date: 17 November 2018
    • Time: 10am – 1:30pm

    Consultative Community Research Hui for Families of Oranga Tamariki: Addressing Domestic Violence for Safer Better Whanau

    Read more

    • Registration required
    • Organiser: Te Rito Foundation
  • New home ownership trials underway to help whānau

    • Date: 14 November 2018

    More innovative trials to assist low-income whānau to move towards owning their own homes were announced today by Te Puni Kōkiri Chief Executive Michelle Hippolite.

    Read more

  • Doors open to new papakāinga in Wairarapa

    • Date: 05 November 2018

    A new papakāinga housing development has opened its doors in Wairarapa for the descendants of Hurunui-o-Rangi Marae, located 10km east of Carterton.

    Read more

  • Papakāinga provides refuge in time of need

    • Date: 08 October 2018

    One year on from the Edgecumbe floods local whānau in urgent need of a place to live will now benefit from new papakāinga housing at Kokohinau Marae. Bringing forward of plans for their papakāinga development to help whānau in ongoing need will provide whanau with the help they need to rebuild and move forward.

    Read more

  • Whānau wellbeing behind urban Hastings papakāinga

    • Date: 02 October 2018

    The importance of whānau could not be more evident than at a new papakāinga in Hastings.

    The Tawhai whānau have traversed a significant journey to realise the aspirations of their parents, Te Hore and Ngaikiha Tawhai, by developing a legacy for future generations including more than 100 tamariki and mokopuna.

    Read more

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