Ministerial Review of the Māori Language Strategy and Sector

The strategy and infrastructure of the Māori language sector was reviewed to ensure the programmes and expenditure across the whole of government are responsive to Iwi/Māori aspirations.

The Minister of Māori Affairs, in collaboration with other Ministers, appointed an independent panel, Te Paepae Motuhake, to undertake the Review. The panel members were Emeritus Professor Sir Tāmati Reedy as the chairperson, Mr Toni Waho, Ms Rahera Shortland, Ms Cathy Dewes, Ms Hana O’Regan, Ms Pānia Papa and Mr Te Kahautu Maxwell.

The purpose of the Review was to identify and support opportunities for enhanced Māori language outcomes, better coordination and structuring of our whole of government focus so that government can provide the best services and programmes as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Te Paepae Motuhake commenced work on the Review in July 2010 and its first task was consultation with Iwi and Māori groups. Iwi, hapū, marae, whānau and Māori communities’ aspirations for the Māori language were considered as part of the Review. Te Paepae Motuhake attended one national hui and fourteen regional hui.

The Review was also to consider the programmes and services of particular agencies with a view to establishing their effectiveness and efficiency in responding to the aspirations of iwi and Māori. Te Paepae Motuhake met with a combined total of 28 government agencies and national Māori organisations.

The Minister of Māori Affairs is currently considering the Review findings, with a view to developing a new Government Māori Language Strategy.

The Review Report, Te Reo Mauriora, was released at a public launch at Te Puni Kōkiri in April 2011.


Ka ngaro te reo, ka ngaro tāua, pērā i te ngaro o te moa - If the language be lost, we will be lost, as lost as the Moa.

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